Friday, April 19, 2013

Get Ranked on Google

How to get Ranked on Google

A couple years ago (September 11, 2011) after buying and learning how to use Market Samurai • I decided to try and get one of my web pages to get ranked on page 1 of Google. 20 months later, this is what's up?

Screen Capture of Get Ranked on Google Incognito and Logged in to Google+ account.

Incognito SERP for get ranked on Google

Logged into Google+ account

The goal was to get one of my webpages (blog post article) to get ranked on page 1 of Google for a keyword phrase with at least 10 million pages and a relatively high search demand KW phrase | done!

Things get a lot more interesting 20 months later. Now that Google+ project is in full bloom, I've learned that social signals and social shares are becoming the new SEO and having a greater influence on the SERP's. Here's an example of dominating the first page of Google for the longtail "Is Social Shares the New SEO"? 

This screen cap was taken 4-19-13 and these organic SERP's have been in place 30+ days.

Above the Fold SERP for "is social shares the new seo"

This is the bottom ½ of page 1 SERP for "is social shares the new seo"
8 of the top 10 SERP's for this longtail KW phrase are pages on my social footprint

Summary Conclusion

Social Signals and Social Shares is the Future of SEO. Having a custom DiY Content Marketing System that empowers you to create, curate, syndicate content to your top socials is a skill you must acquire in 2013. Knowing what social sites, tools, apps, skills and processes to have and use is key to your success.

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