Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What are your Top 4 Social Profiles according to Google?

Google sent me an alert my Google Account Activity Report was updated. The first thing I like to inspect is what are the top pages (social profiles) Google considers most important to my social authority.

Here are 5 screen grabs of the process I routinely do each time I get this Google Alert.

This is the alert I get in GMail indicating an updated report is complete.

The 1st step to finding out which socials are considered most influential according to Google. Click the Me on the Web button.

Click the Search Now button for an "exact match" search of your full name. These are the most important social profiles you have according to Google.

These are the Geo locales Google has tracked to my rel=author credentials this month. I suspect these are a direct pull from my G+ Personal Profile page?

Lastly, this is my G+ Profile (About Tab) and the Other Profiles and Links on my G+ Personal Profile

Personal Branding is all about your body of work and when and where your Rich Snippet shows up in the Google SERPs, along with the other social profiles that enhance and amp your social authority. 

In my case, my most important social profiles include;

  1. Google+ Personal Page
  2. LinkedIn Personal Page
  3. WP Site FerreeMoney
  4. My YouTube Channel

Social Profile Summary

  • What are your top social profiles according to Google? 
  • Is your G+ personal profile at the top? 
  • Should it be?
Are your social profile as optimized as you would like? Do you need assistance on this?