Saturday, May 11, 2013

Does having 2 Rich Snippets in the Search Results Help Increase Traffic and Social SEO Appeal

Google uses by default the S+YW results. You have to click the globe to hide personal results.

Google decides which of your ranked pages will render your Rich Snippet (G+ profile head shot) and will only render it once per search result. However, in the screen cap below, there are two ranked pages with my Rich Snippet connected to the ranked page.

rich snippets

I've been testing multiple search phrases where more than one of my Rich Snippets shows up in the SERP's like this one on How to Market Your Real Estate Property on a Smart Phone Device.

How to Market Your Real Estate Property on a Smart Phone Device

Here's the question and quandary I'm trying to figure out? Will having more than 1 Rich Snippet in the search results increase any of these metrics;
  • Click Thru Rate
  • Profile Authority
  • Influence on your other Socials

The same 2 snippet routine happens on many other search phrases I've been writing content for so determine all of the above metrics. The jury is still out but there are some definite implications in my research thus far. Is your Rich Snippet showing up in the search results on your top pages and posts? If not, let's talk