Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wordpress Twitter Plugins - 50 Best Twitter Plugins for Wordpress

So you are interested in getting more out of Twitter? Wordpress has some of the best plugins that you can use to integrate Twitter into your Wordpress community and drive more traffic to your website. Whether you want folks to vote for your stories on tweetmeme or just find out who is linking to you from Twitter, there is a plugin for you. Here are 50 best Twitter plugins to get the most out of Twitter on your blog:
  1. TweetSuite: a complete Twitter solution for your blog.
  2. Tweetbacks: another tweetback plug-in for Wordpress.
  3. Twittar: a plug-in that uses Twitter to show avatars in comments.
  4. Twitter LiveBlog: lets you liveblog on your Wordpress blog.
  5. Twitme: notifies your followers about your new blog posts.
  6. BirdFeeder: yet another Twitter plug-in that sends your posts to your Twitter account.
  7. MyTwitter: show your Twitter status on your blog and update it from your Wordpress blog.
  8. Twitt-Twoo: an Ajax plug-in that allows you to update your Twitter status from your sidebar.
  9. Twitter Tools: one of the best Twitter tools ever made for Wordpress. You can send updates to your Twitter account and create blog posts from your Tweet.
  10. Twitter Updater: yet another Wordpress plug-in that helps you promote your blog posts on Twitter.
  11. Twitter WP Sidebar Widget: a plug-in that makes it easy to add Twitter to your sidebar.
  12. WordTwit: yet another tool to send updates to your Twitter account when you publish posts.
  13. TwitterPress: yet another cool Wordpress plug-in, allowing you to promote your posts on Twitter.
  14. TwitterFeed: TwitterFeed is a Twitter management plugin for Wordpress. Lets you display your latest tweets too.
  15. Twitter for Wordpress: shows your latest tweets on your blog.
  16. WP Twitip ID: adds an extra field to the comment form for user to enter their twitter username.
  17. TwitThis: an amazing little plug-in which makes it easy for your readers to tweet your posts.
  18. TwitURLs: shows favorite URLs on Twitter.
  19. TweetRoll: show the people you are following and the number of followers you have.
  20. Twitter Wordpress Widget: another Twitter widget plug-in.
  21. NewTweet: Set a keyword or phrase and NewsTweet constantly pulls twitter posts containing that word or phrase
  22. Twitter Blaster: allows your visitors to update your Twitter account!
  23. Ajax Twitter Plugin: uses Twitter API to get and post the updates
  24. Tweet This: adds a shortened Twitter link to each and every post.
  25. TwitterCounter: shows the number of folks following you on your blog.
  26. WP to Twitter: uses Cligs to post your blog posts to Twitter.
  27. Thread Twitter: shows twitter posts as a thread.
  28. ParaTwit: a Twitter updater plug-in that is integrated with TinyURL.
  29. TwitterSplit: helps you gain links from your followers.
  30. Twitter Style Links: converts @x in your comments to links.
  31. Autolink: automatically makes @x into links.
  32. TickTweet: a cool plug-in that allows you to search for a keyword and show the tweets on your blog.
  33. WP Twitter Pitch: allows others to pitch to you using Twitter DM right on your blog.
  34. Twit It Up!: allows you users to tweet or re-tweet your blog posts.
  35. Tweet Tweet: archive your Twitter updates in your database.
  36. Twitterdoodle: allows you to create posts and categories based on Twitter keyword searches.
  37. Automagic Twitter Profile URI: a cool plug-in that adds a Twitter profile link to your comments.
  38. Tweetback: add trackback feature for Tweets to your blog.
  39. Twitter updater w/ TinyURL: a cool Twitter updater plugin but includes TinyURL functionality as well.
  40. Twitter To Wire: allows your twitter posts to show up in your buddypress wire.
  41. WP My Twitter: post your blog posts to Twitter automatically.
  42. Add Twitter Link to Comments: adds a twitter link to comments if the comment author uses an email connected to a twitter account.
  43. Twitter Digest: a cool way to create a Twitter digest for your Wordpress blog.
  44. Fresh From FriendFeed and Twitter: keep your blog content fresh with updates from FriendFeed and Twitter.
  45. Twitter Auto Linker: Turns @[names] to links automatically.
  46. Twitter User: a great plugin that makes it easy to link your post to your Twitter account.
  47. LifeStream: a plug-in that makes it easy for your users to stalk you on social networks.
  48. Twitter Friendly Links: creates Twitter friendly URLs from your blog posts.
  49. Twitgets: adds a sidebar widget to display your Twitter Friends Timeline using Twitter’s flash scripts
  50. Auto Tweet: adds a check-box to your posts, letting you choose which posts to send to Twitter.
There you have it. Lots of plugins to choose from, but what did you expect? We are talking about Twitter here. Please feel free to let me know if I have missed something.